I wish I could write a catchy first article, but actually I have the stage fright.

Well, well…

I am doing an exchange at Macquarie University for one year. This semester I am mostly doing computer sciences and Gender Studies (“oh shit a feminist….”).

I left Geneva on July 17th and I arrived on the 19th in Sydney at 5 a.m. (the time is very important!)

It has been more than 3 weeks that I am here. I didn’t have time for sightseeing that much so far, because surprisingly, I HAVE TO STUDY A LOT! Seriously, It might be because I am not fluent but I work at least three times more than in Lausanne (the gossip (or ill tongues = “mauvaises langues”) would say that it’s not that complicated to work more than I used to in Lausanne..)

Anyway, I have already seen a bit of Australia. Here are my “coups de Coeur” (according google it translatess to “Favorites” in English…): my surprises and sometimes my disillusions (it happened.)

I also have the project of drawing fifty “skylines” of Sydney at different moments of the day, of the night, and of the season..

“Fifty shades of Sydney”

It’s not that I like “fifty shades of grey” that much, but yeah, I find the title pretty cool.

Cheerfully ♪♥