Merry Christmas !


Sea and Christmas Tree

As Charlotte said :

“When you have the Christmas lights on AND the fan/air con.

How does this make sense?

 That is a powerful point.


A barbie. (Australian nickname for “Barbecue”)

From my point of view, having a barbecue, cooking tzatziki (you know the strained yoghurt mixed with cucumbers..), wearing shorts, complaining about the heat, listening Christmas Song while eating Ice Cream, swimming outside, going on the beach and getting a sunburnt … on Christmas Day,

seem all to be anachronisms.

According to Wikipedia, “an anachronism is a chronological inconsistency in some arrangement, especially a juxtaposition of person(s), events, objects, or customs from different periods of time.“. I am sure it exists a more accurate concept to explain what I feel by being in Australia during holidays season but I guess I didn’t listen enough my French class in High School..

Okay, it is the last time I speak about Christmas. ‘Just want to say that we had an overdose of Frank Sinatra’s songs and all the others typical songs. But I like this one, even if I didn’t drive home for Christmas.  ♪♫

Thank you for your messages/emails/parcels/thoughts!

Merry Christmas and Gros love !

Christmas In The Air




As I said on my Instagram account (to many social media, I got lost..) :

When you are too broke for gifts, do it yourself. So my house-mate got a travel diary. It is still more useful than the famous pasta necklace though. I feel sorry for all the French Mothers who have certainly received at some point a noodle jewel.


An overview of Bali


Well, I am about to have three different Christmas (lucky me), so I am kind of busy with food recipes and kitch decoration (I love decoration).

But I just wanted to say that Bali has been a beautiful trip. This island is so inspiring that I couldn’t stop drawing there.

As I wrote to my Family from Melbourne (I have family in Melbourne ! World is small !) :

“Bali has a rich and enriching culture. I really appreciated all the flower offerings and temples, the Balinese are very kind and smiley and above all the landscapes are breathtaking (unfortunately, the island is quite polluted though..)

Anyway, now that I am back, I take some time to integrate that I saw. “

And I take the time to quietly complete my drawings.

‘Can’t wait to show you !

Special thanks to my fellow travellers: Julia & Lera. You made my trip.  ♥

PS: The drawing takes place into the Botanic Garden Eka Karya Botanic Garden. Actually it was raining like crazy when we got there..but sometimes, I confess, I cheat. That is what is cool with drawing : I can embellish reality. I don’t even feel guilty about it.

Fifty Shades of Sydney – Chapter 9


Rainy Day

People often think that the sun shines no stop here, like at night, during the day, during the summer and in winter. Well, I used to think that too.

In fact, it is not true at all. For example, right now, the temperature is warm but it’s raining cats and dogs!

I do not worry too much about the weather because at least, when it is raining we have a tremendous excuse for watching Harry Potter without being riddled with guilt.

We will never change about Harry Potter.

(I am still gone :D)

Why I Chose Australia


By the time you read this post, hopefully I will already be gone (to Bali, as a reminder). \0/

It is my compensation for not seeing my dear parents and sisters and friends for Christmas.

“I try not to miss a sunset here”

After all, I think that I chose to go to Australia for its vegetation and its sky. I am not disappointed I must say.

Here is a song for travelling :


The Garden of Stones – Part one


At Macquarie University, there is what they call a Sculpture Park. I call it personally the Garden of Stones.

It is like an impressive amount of sculptures and stones dispersed throughout the campus.

THAT IS SO COOOL !!! Sometimes, when I had the time, before my IT& Society workshop, I used to eat on one of the stone, under giant trees and in front of a enigmatic sculpture. It is a sanctuary somehow.

On the drawing above, you can see an interpretation of a “Statue menhir” (called “la Dame de Saint-Sernin). It comes from Saint-Sernin-sur-Rance (haha) and is dated from the later European Neolithic.

That was the general culture minute. I am not sure I can make this joke in English though. 

Anyway, I certainly did not see Mrs.Saint-Sernin into the Garden of Stones in Australia but last week, I received an adorable postcard with this statue on it, which has reminded me one of the sculpture so I have established a link between. 🙂

“The Sculpture Park is a ‘space of possibilities’, where the environment and people interconnect through a process of discovery, enjoyment and learning. It also allows for social interaction where collective interpretation and reflection can be shared. The Sculpture Park’s significance is globally recognised by the International Directory of Sculpture Parks, and was listed by Best Value Schools as one of the 25 most amazing sculpture gardens in the world.


My beloved University

PS2 : still have problems with the use of present perfect vs past simple.