More Quality Time, More Gum Trees and More Sunsets

gumtree (2)

Oh my god, I cannot believe there are only two weeks left before the big departure!! I am not ready! “That’s because you have so many shits to pack….”

Very true. (that’s a shame..)

But also, I had not realized how many important people were out there until I started to organize my farewell events. Actually, I really want to take the time to say properly goodbye to each of them (through tea-time and scones orgies, Mexican night(s), picnic and strolls, lunchs, diners, exhibitions (especially Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera at the NSW Gallery) coffees, coreen BBQ, brunch etc and why not a glass of wine at the Opera House but I cannot guarantee the Argyle afterwards haha). Bref, the next two weeks are packed, packed, packed with -I hope- lots of quality time in perspective.

I also want to see as many Gumtrees and Sunset as possible. I could never get enough of these.. and it definitely something that I will be missing.

I know that we do have sunsets in Europe as well but… it is not the same.

The last couple of weeks have been quite intense. Uluru was just an amazing experience; we slept outside under the milky way (♥.♥) and around a campfire. It has reminded memories from all my scout camps. I also met great people, I laughed, I really tried to be mindful during the entire journey so that I could enjoy to the fullest. That is a difficult exercise, but when you manage to be in present moment, you get to deeply connect with the place and as he said “something magical happens”.

I feel like I made the most of this trip to the northern territory. 🙂

Actually, I feel like I made the most of this exchange.

and I am so excited of seeing you soon.

Sea + Sunsets = Seasets + Lemon Tree


Dear you,

As I told you before, I have been to Melbourne a couple of days for holiday just before the beginning of the semester. There, I didn’t draw that much, instead I took a lot of pictures.
As my real camera is still resting somewhere in France (I know exactly where it is. I can perfectly visualize it, in my closet on the bottom left. Oh dear.. why am I so scatterbrained sometimes?), I bought a disposable camera for the occasion. This has made me a bit nostalgic because whenever I went on holiday with friends or summer camp, I use to buy a disposable camera. I started out with a basic and legendary red Kodak than I have upgraded for the waterproof one.

Those were the days I can tell….

Anyway, I have just developed the film and though I didn’t remember taking as much pictures of sunset as I actually did, I am rather happy with the result:





The moon and I



Fisherperson (a lot of changes can occur into everyday language. That is why it is time to be a bit progressive and to stop the fireman, fisherman thing & cie) 😀


Little bird.


And my favourite:

there was something special about that sunset in particular..

It was …gorgeous!


Besides, I think that the person (or computer, you never know nowadays) who was in charge of developing the camera’s film, has heavily processed my photographs on its own initiative. Like, the colours, the luminosity and the contrast are supernatural sometimes. I did not ask for that but I like it that way. And it is true that all the sunsets that I have been able to see were magical somehow.

Concerning the Lemon Tree:
During my stay in Melbourne, we have been to Point Lonsdale for the week-end. In the garden of my host’s (beautiful) house, you could see a lovely lemon tree with one lemon swaying in the wind.

No, no, no. It is not far-fetched at all ! This lemon tree has a legitimate place in this post. It belongs to the Melbourne-trip-thematic.

Allez, bisous.

PS: while you are walking along the ocean, or sea, or lake or whatever, you can listen at Ocean – John Butler. It puts you straight into the mood for that. (Courtesy of Lucy)

Fifty Shades of Sydney – Chapter 11 & 12

blue_city brown

If you really want it, but only if you really want to, I can post my research paper in which I discuss how the introduction of social media has changed the face of communication today. I read sooo many papers from both sceptical and (over) optimistic scientists that I don’t know what to think anymore.

One thing is sure, I can’t stop thinking about one article in particular: “Is google making us stupid ?” written by Nicholas Carr.

*Mini quote from my research paper*

“In addition, it seems that surfing the Internet has affected our capacity of deep reading which is directly related to our capacity of thinking (Carr 2008, p.94)”

As you might guess, he thinks that we all become drongo because of internet. (If you are wondering right now what drongo is,naah, it is just some Australian slang.. let me at least try to be cool). I let you read and make your mind, or I should say I let you scan it. LOL. That was so funny. Now you have to read it for real to understand my joke!!

Anyway, you have to read and decide whether the Internet has made you smarter than you were or… not.

I, for certain, think that my general knowledge has improved like hell thanks to Wikipedia… Déjà, j’ai appris pleins de trucs rien que pour gagner des paris (j’arrivais à traduire cette phrase). Who has never bet that Naypyidaw was indeed the capital of Burma ?

For sure, my general knowledge has improved but sometimes for the worse… especially when I ended up reading something about Freemasonry at 4 on the morning… (I am kidding Papa Maman I am never awake after 9 p.m)

I am not sure that I have improved in all area though. On paper (and even on computer you might quip) the way I write is disastrous especially when it comes to spelling task. BUT it is not like I have ever been good at dictation or grammar. 😀

Right, she’ll be! as would say my dear Aussies.

There is not much to say about the Fifty Shades of the week. Expect that I am seriously thinking about changing the concept of “50 shades of Sydney” into “20 shades of Sydney”. Haha…

In one week, I will finish this INTENSE English lecture. Amen !!!


Why I Chose Australia


By the time you read this post, hopefully I will already be gone (to Bali, as a reminder). \0/

It is my compensation for not seeing my dear parents and sisters and friends for Christmas.

“I try not to miss a sunset here”

After all, I think that I chose to go to Australia for its vegetation and its sky. I am not disappointed I must say.

Here is a song for travelling :


Fifty shades of Sydney – Chapter 3

2015-08-04 16.50.33

Who those who have spent a lot of time with me lately, might know that I am obsessed with the idea of drawing the milky way. Or drawing the galaxy in general.

After few fails, I finally watched a tutorial on youtube.



As you can see, it is not the expected result..

And I didn’t have an extra toothbrush at my disposal so I tried to make stars with a Tipp-Ex…