Fifty Shades of Sydney – Chapter 13 + Galaxtree



Just some little words to say that everything is okay but, with all this master applications and with the beginning of the second semester, I do not really find the time to write long piece of text here.

My trip to the Blue Mountains was really nice, especially the hike to Wentworth Waterfalls. The landscapes are breathtaking and despite the heat (more than 36°) and a tricky part where you have to climb ladders, the view is well worth the effort!! I will post something exclusively on this area.

Today, you can see that I am still obsessed with the idea of drawing the galaxy and tree. Voilà voilà

Sorry for dashing off this post 😀



Random Access Memories – Last beat


In order to complete the collection of drawings from Bali, I am happy to share with you these last two drawings as well as the story and picture(s) that go with each. Ready?



The story takes place in Bedugul, it was just after visiting the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple. We were sitting in the middle of the lake and I let you imagine how much the fog gave a special atmosphere to the lake: a kind of mystic or magic air somehow, especially if you have a vivid imagination. I remember that, after taking the picture, we walked for a while on the shore. It was already dusk, we were hungry, we had seen some lights far away and we had guessed that it was a restaurant. At some point, we couldn’t apparently go any further because there were big stones and heavy vegetation blocking the way. Since we were very close to the lights (and starving) we decided to climb the stones anyway with help of our flashlight’s phones because it was getting very dark. C’était casse-gueule mais bon. After climbing the rocks, we found a little Iron Gate leading to a stone stairway. We climbed the stairs and arrived into a very curious and quite disturbing temple.

*toumtoumtoum* ♪

At that moment, we began to feel that it was obviously not the gateway and that it was perhaps not a good idea to be there. Anyway, we managed to get out of the temple and… arrived into a huge and completely empty hotel. There were hundreds of tables on a terrace facing the lake (that must have been the lights that we had seen before). Not only that, there were like a giant ballroom, dining room, breakfast room with red curtains and fancy chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.. like in Titanic or something!!

And yet, we did not see any living soul.

Quite frankly, I felt more like in Shining than Titanic.

Eventually, we bumped into a woman –a waitress—. It was funny to see that we were more surprised than she was even though we had entered by the back and that we were alone in the hotel; she gave us the menu, took our orders with a straight face. Later, when I went to restroom, I had to cross the ball room (I saw two rats on my way) and spotted a very old lady, who was sitting on the middle of the piece and watching a completely- fucked-up- Indonesian-reality-show. THIS WHOLE SITUATION WAS SO WEIRD.

Anyway, we ate all right and left by the front door this time, but in the complete darkness. There were no lights on the front of the hotel…

We thought that we were far away from our own hotel with all we had to walk along the lake but actually less than 5 minutes later, we came across our hotel! That was a bit disturbing as well. (Voilà pour l’anecdote. Non, il n’y a pas d’autres chute).




For this one: In Ubud (big up to all the members of Eat Prey Love’s Fan Club) we went to the Sacred Monkey Forest. One of the first things that have happened is that a monkey robbed one of my earrings. Goodness me! It was fortunate that I was not wearing my diamonds that day! (LOL)

Then, another damned monkey stole the cup that I used to use for painting. As its name suggests, the monkeys (or forest I am not sure) are, well, sacred. So needless to say that there was no way that I could bring my properties back in this ape world.

I felt dispossessed. 😀



On another matter, I go back to school in less than one week. It I can’t believe that the summer is almost over: the three months have gone sooo fast! Melbourne was amazing and I am going to blue mountains tomorrow for three days so that means that I see you very soon for other adventures !

Travelling in Slow Motion



I left for Melbourne last Tuesday. I am going on holiday after these intense weeks of English class.

I decided to go by train because I prefer travelling in slow motion when I have the time. That way, I can really feel the distance and the movement is also part of the journey.

I think that rail is my favourite mode of transport because I don’t get sick when I read on the train or when I look at the landscapes. Besides, trains have often been a thematic in my drawings. I love this thematic perhaps because of the film “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki and especially the moment where Chihiro walks on the sea and catches a train in middle of the water. In think this is one of the most inspiring scenes in a film that I have ever seen.


Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki


Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki


Tiphaine and me, the 26th of Mars 2013 (almost 3 years ago!!) “I love taking the train with Titi. I love taking the train actually, especially the trip “Geneva-Lausanne”, on the morning, on the seat next to the widow, with the view on the lake and if possible, in the direction to travel”


My interpretation of the movie, the 29th of January 2014 (two years ago!)

I am taking a night train and for sure, it won’t be like my drawing at the beginning of the article at all because, first, l’Ayers Rock is not on the way between Sydney and Melbourne. Second, one of my friend has just told me that even though it is during the night, there is no beds in this train (et merde). Third, I am in Economy class so I think that I can forget the idea of space and comfort. I don’t care, I mean.. I am on holiday !!!!

One day, I would love to go either on the Orient Express or the Trans-Siberian Railway. I am sure Nina would be up for it.


Flowers in the hair, flowers in the air



the draft


I love when people wear flowers in their hair. It always remains me Aung San Suu Kyi, who is a woman who has fought for the democracy in Burma and who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.


the final.


Aung San Suu Kyi

Wearing flowers in my hair remains me my mother as well. ♥


Aung San Suu Kyi

For the anecdote:

Last week, on the way between the post office and home, I picked some flowers which have fallen on the ground. When I came home, I asked one of my housemate to help me with taking an artistic picture. My original idea was just to take a picture of the flowers resting in my hands, as you can see below. By the way, my glittering nail polish is an intended part of the artistic installation. The golden glitters represent the stars and the Universe and the eternity while we can say that the flowers symbolise the ephemeral aspect of the life…

I am kidding of course. There was a bargain on bad taste nail polish at Big W. 😀

2016-01-03 20.51.59


Anyway, when I asked my housemate, he told me “yeah sure. Do you want me to take a picture of you while you are throwing the flowers in the air?” Regarding my initial idea and the fact that he is like.. the engineer of the house who is not really interested on Arts, I was really surprised that he came out with this idea. Actually I couldn’t stop laughing, because I was picturing the scene in my head.

But then, I thought that the idea of falling flowers was poetic somehow. So we tried to take a picture of this and it has been, I think we can say it, an epic fail. 😀


I think the worse is that we can see his feet on the right and a little bit of my foot on the bottom.