If you have been reading my blog since the beginning, you must think that I met only birds and butterflies and trees in Australia.

While it is true that I have really sought a connection with green..

yet people have played the most important role of my exchange & when I say “people”, I mean every kind of people, such as:

…People that I have been living with:


The disfunctional but awesome house. yeahmate..

…Friend that I have been living with:


My beloved Annie, my gifted housemate who proofread almost all my papers (thank you goddess) and tried to teach me how to cook (today, after one year, she said that I was a lost cause in that domain) and who fed me and who parented me, and who accepted me as I am and who love for who I am (that is, a monster blanket).

This girl, she is going to be a outstanding journalist, I mean, she already is. You should look at her posts that she has written for the world peace organization. They are brilliant!


Even though your eyes bled everytime you had to read my prose. “But Henceforth, WTH?” HAHA especially in the middle of the night. Sorry for that. “What is wrong with you using all the time brackets girl???!!!”

…People that I met at the beautiful center of the Olympic Park:


Here is an excerpt of my emotional speech that I made last Monday :-‘)

(…)And then I met you guys.. You all have been so encouraging, caring and inspiring. I really treasured each of our meetings and I think that it is wonderful that we can share such precious moments and be friends even though we don’t come from the same country or even the same continent, we don’t have the same age, the same background, the same hobbies, the same icome or whatever…and I am convinced that this diversity is what make the beauty of our organization (…) Thank you again for everything, I will never forget you!

See you in Paris or anywhere

Promoting World Peace, one step at a time ♥

…People that I met at Uni:


…Teacher that I met at Uni:


This guy is so cool 😀 Almost as cool as my tutor of my women studies unit! I have to make a drawing of her one day.

If you want to buy this cool shirt, go ahead, it is here, it is cheap, it is for the good cause!

…Friend that I met at Uni:


This is Alison also known as MY FAVOURITE  ♥♥♥

I could declare my friendship once again here but I know that you know already how awesome I think your are 😀

…Person that came from Lausanne with me ou pour ne pas nommer:

SOFIAAAAA or the sunshine of my exchange!


“Les grenouilles à Bondi Beach”

Thank you for making me sandwiches (which ends up under a chair during a course of fundamental of computer science, remember? aha…), thank you for the road trip, thank you for your humour, thank you for editing my research paper about backyard gardening and José Bové the day before your exam. Thank you for all our French sessions or our grand-mother’s walks, Thank you for all the nights at the library (I am talking about the first semester of course ;-)…

Thank you for being here, it was great to have you and you are a great friend as said the song “Whenever I am with you, I feel like I am home again” so I guess, that is why I am not worried too much about coming “home” because I know that you will be there ♥ can’t wait for our romantic-bobo weekend

… Person that were friend’s friend and then become my friend


Sofia & Alex, a morning somewhere in Byron Bay

…& all the people that were in exchange as well, people that I worked with for group projects, people that helped me, people that I helped, people of my district, people that I met on holidays, that I travelled with … etc.

All in all, all the people that I met in Australia have been so important for me. I am so lucky and so grateful for meeting you. Thank you for your patience and care. You have brought me so much and I have learnt so much from each of you. Including a little bit of English in the process 😉

These last couple of weeks have been sick; I had such wonderful time and so much fun at all my farewell events! Thank you so much all your personal, meaningful and infinitely precious gift as well: I have been spoiled and I feel like it is my birthday (but I now that I have already shipped all my stuff, I am praying that I won’t be overweight at the airport haha…). I feel blessed ♥ & I am going to miss you so baaad.

BUT you are all welcome in France (or Swizterland) and I would love to play the travel guide, especially for you dear Ali 😀

ALALA TROP D’LOVE (this is it: I am high on sugar because of the cake completely destroy)

PS: They say all the time that Australia is a multicultural country. I wasn’t sure about that until I looked at my drawings and I realized that I had been experiencing this multicultural aspect throughout the year without noticing it at all. Probably because I was too busy myself to deal with the cultural choc héhé. But now that this is the end, I realize that I have never met nor get along with so many people from such various horizon in a such short amount of time (expect when I was in primary school I guess). That is what love generation is about ♥

However, since we are talking about people, I shouldn’t restrain it only to the people of Australia:
People from home (France AND Switzterland) have actually played a massive role in my exchange (and even people that are neither in Australia nor quite at home at the moment (Bah Victoria quoi, comme d’hab’ ;-)).

Thank you everybody, from the bottom of my heart. I probably wouldn’t have survived without your support, encouragements, friendship and love. Thank for all your emails, text message, video calls, phone calls…When I think about it, I am truly grateful for the new technologies such as Skype, Whatsapp and WordPress which have allowed me to keep in touch with family and friends. But thank you also for the tangible such as all the parcels, postcards, letters…and  thank you for the “intangible” (it put it between comma because I could definitely feel it) such as thoughts, positive waves, chanting etc.



I won’t comment each of the following drawings because it is almost one in the morning (UPDATE: it is almost two in the morning) (UPDATE: it is almost three in the morning, holy shit!) and I still have my last post to write (and I have to finish packing tomorrow…..). I am just a bit annoyed that I didn’t manage to collect and put all of the drawings: some of them have been physically sent overseas without being scanned because I was in a rush, or some of them got lost in a vacuum (Lisa, I am talking about yours :’() some of them are not quite completed.. bref

Bon allez, je vous laisse regarder les images et je vais arrêter de parler *Ahhh*

lucy (2)







And I will finish this massive article with a self-portrait that I made from a picture of me that Sue took during my trip to Melbourne:


(Nice trip by the way :-))

Allez bisous ♥

PSS: Pour être honnête, j’ai un peu hésité avant écrire cet article parce que partager des dessins de personnes non fictives c’est un peu comme poster des photos d’elles et avec tout ce bordel de protection de données et de ce que peut en faire les “bad guys” je me disais que ce n’était peut-être pas un bon plan après tout.

Mais en même temps avec tout ce qui arrive de terrible dans le monde, je parle bien sur de ce qu’il vient de se passer en France mais aussi de partout ailleurs, ben je trouve que ce serait dommage de rater une occasion de célébrer ma joie d’avoir rencontré des personnes aussi chouettes et uniques et de célébrer ma chance d’avoir un créer un lien profond avec des personnes venant de quatre coins du monde.