“Welcome the merciless battle of natural elements”


“Fire vs. Water, with the dawn of time came the earth’s never ending war.  Their coexistence is impossible as neither can survive while the opposing element is in full force.

Fire vs Water, Townsfolk vs Arsonists, you must choose. The townsfolk will control the raging waters and arsonists will control the rampant flames.

Fire vs Water, to survive you must use your element to protect your life and eliminate the enemy.

Fire vs Water, Welcome the merciless battle of natural elements.”

Another assignment. Youhou. But this time, it was a group project. We had to design a card games that uses resources system and that should encourage social dynamics among other things.

I had to fin the story (and to design the cards as you can see). My housemate helped me with writing the metaphor of the game and that was tough because I wanted to make the duality Fire vs Water very clear but at the same time we couldn’t get out of our minds the prophecy of Harry Potter “Neither can live while the other survives” : we just couldn’t come up with another expression.. alala

But we did it! An my team mates were enthusiastic about it!

Only two group projects left!

Si non:

Yesterday in my game design class, we were talking about world building and characters (fascinating topic by the way, especially when we studied how Tolkien did to imagine and create a such rich and complex world). Anyway, the teacher asked me who name a hero (l’angoisse!), and of course I said Harry Potter. I don’t usually participate in class but everything I do is to talk about Harry Potter haha… (because after he asked me to name an mentor and I let you know who I picked…).

In short, I am well but :


Game Design is still serious (and still time-consuming…)


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