One day in Cabramatta – Another Atypical Assignment…


The following is an excerpt from our -professional- report and a deep (lol) analysis of our sense of place.

“The area seemed mainly Vietnamese although we did observe a few Chinese places as well. It was interesting because some of us felt like we were overseas somehow. Alison, who was born in Australia, was not surprised because she is used to it. However, Hugo being from England and Elsa being from France* were more surprised to find this micro society within Australia.

We took some pictures below the arch of friendship (or Pai Lau), just before the freedom Plaza.

This arch, with the quote “The World is for us to share and to respect”, seems to welcome every visitor no matter where they come from. Moreover, other inscriptions written in different language can be observed on the façade, and after further research, we learnt that it is written in Chinese, Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian and English. This symbolizes the harmonious and multiculturalist aspect of Cabramatta and Australia in general. ”

*from France AND Switzerland 😀

One thing that I understand now is that historical trajectories are embedded into every cultural landscape and you could ‘read’ it as you would read a text somehow.

You could. It doesn’t mean that’s easy…


Related to the topic it would have been relevant to put “Love Generation” from Bob Sinclar but I prefer to share with you this song from an Australian Indie pop band (= gros gros hipsters) . ♪

♫ welcome to the world of our love ♫